Image The message from Class of Your Own, one of the industry’s key advocates of getting young people interested in construction, is now being heard loud and clear

Image When it comes to optimising construction, there’s still a huge mountain to climb. A new technology-agnostic joint venture from Bentley and Topcon is here to help

Image Last year, we posed the question - is BricsCAD BIM a potential Revit killer? But how has the software progressed?

Image Jaimie Johnston, head of global systems at Bryden Wood explains why hoarding IP won’t save construction (and what we need to do instead)


With Digital Twins, there's a real danger of it just being used to replace BIM. Bentley has a vision that might not clarify its use but certainly a technology backbone to support it.

Image Greg Corke caught up with Topcon VP Ian Stilgoe to learn how new technologies are helping change construction verification.

Image The media is full of stories about AI - both its huge promise and its possible negative effects on all aspects of our society. But what impact will it have on the AEC professions?

Image The HoloLens 2 is a vast improvement over the first generation mixed reality headset. Visual experience and interaction might grab the headlines, but for AEC firms the biggest impact should come from Azure cloud connectivity

Image When Unity Reflect launches later this year, AEC firms will be able to push rich BIM data out to multiple devices, quickly and easily, and then build custom apps on top.

Image Our 3rd annual exploration of the future of design and construction technology took place last month in London. And the robots stole the show!

Image At this year’s NXT BLD, Boston Dynamics brought SPOT Mini to demonstrate that these are indeed the droids that the construction industry has been looking for

Image For this year’s Key Customer Conference and launch of ArchiCAD 23, Graphisoft opted to hold it in Las Vegas, the first time in the USA

Image Many AEC firms struggle to fully understand the different options for VDI and whether to go cloud or on-premise. Adam Jull of IMSCAD Global explores the benefits and costs