ImageThere is a lot of information about HD floating around as broadcasters start to gear up for transmission, but will this high resolution TV standard affect CAD in any way, asks ATI’s Robert Jamieson.

BinocularsSpyware is a malicious problem that affects us all, but with reference to his recent experiences, Rob Jamieson asks is the cure worse than the infection?

Dell workstationDespite the introduction of dual core processors from AMD and Intel, there is still a huge demand in the CAD sector for single processor machines, which offer plenty of power without breaking the bank.

Hard driveIn the latest instalment of his series of articles which look at the components of a PC workstation, Robert Jamieson gives us the low down on hard disks, their physical characteristics and which are best for CAD.

LaptopWith Intel's Pentium M processors and professional graphics solutions from ATI and Nvidia, the mobile workstation continues to go from strength to strength. AEC puts four cutting edge laptops through their paces.

PrinterHP recently added a new member to its world dominating series of wide format printers. The DesignJet 4000 not only features new levels of performance, but an impressive suite of remote print management software says Greg Corke.

Intel XeonSo what happened in workstation technology for CAD in 2005? Rob Jamieson reviews what changed our industry this year and how it affected CAD or, in reality, the software vendors who have to write for this new technology.

NetworkFor this month’s hardware tips, Rob Jamieson takes a look at CAD in a networked environment, how to avoid network collisions, and the importance of virus protection and verified backup.

SLIWhen 3D graphics specialist Nvidia announced Quadro SLI last year it promised ‘never-before-seen performance’. Twelve months down the line the majority of CAD users are still waiting says Greg Corke.

Dual CoreOver the past few months we’ve been hearing a lot about dual core CPUs, which contain two processor cores on a single piece of silicon. Both AMD and Intel have recently launched dual core chips, but what exactly do they mean for the CAD market?

Hardware technology: Inkjet printersRobert Jamieson this month takes a break from workstation technology for a closer look at the humble desktop inkjet printer, the technologies behind it and the financial and practical implications of consumables.

ATIIn the latest instalment of his series of articles on workstation components, Robert Jamieson looks at how to best make use of your CDs/DVDs, what to look for in the latest monitor technology, and gives the low down on PCI Express.

Dual processorsDual processor workstations have been around for a number of years, but what do they offer the average CAD user? Greg Corke takes a closer look at multithreaded applications and multi-tasking on Intel's Xeon and AMD's Opteron processors.