ImageA powerful mobile workstation, with many of the hallmarks of a desktop machine.

ImageA powerful mainstream CAD system with the capacity to handle large BIM datasets.

ImageAn incredibly powerful dual processor machine for those pushing the boundaries of design visualisation.

ImageGreg Corke reports on a low-cost PDF creation tool that also offers a very capable set of markup, editing and collaboration tools.

Image3Dconnexion’s 3D mice have been around for many years, but have only just received a dedicated driver for Revit. Paul Woddy of revitguru.com put two of these impressive devices to work inside Revit 2012.

ImageComputers are amazing machines – until they break down and take weeks to repair, that is. Greg Corke gets wise to warranties and encourages anyone considering a new workstation to find out more before taking the plunge.

ImageIntel’s second generation Core processor technology has arrived, with impressive performance and a very competitive price.

ImageA CAD workstation which delivers impressive performance at a sub £1,000 price point.

ImageA solid entry-level workstation which boasts impressive 3D graphics performance.

ImageProbably the fastest dual Xeon workstation on the planet, but it is a serious investment.

ImageAn overclocked workstation offering unrivalled performance for CAD, but with six CPU cores running at 4.2GHz it also gives dual CPU machines a serious run for their money.

ImageA sub entry-level workstation designed to turn the heads of PC users, but crying out for a lower specification processor to give it the price point a machine like this deserves.

ImageAutodesk has recently launched its mid-release Subscription Advantage packs, which provide extra functionality for subscribers. This month Revit gets a powerful new way for groups to work.

ImageIn the world of laser scanning there have been four certainties; laser scanners are big, heavy, complicated to use and very expensive. Florida-based manufacturer Faro has just unleashed a revolutionary new scanner to challenge all of those perceptions.

ImageA dual CPU powerhouse that boasts exceptional compute performance, but with a price tag more at home on a small car it is likely to play a niche role in the AEC market.

ImageThis six CPU core workstation is an excellent proposition for mainstream 3D CAD users who use rendering or analysis as an integral part of their workflow.

ImageConstantly on the road, Rob Jamieson knows a thing or two about mobile workstations. From choosing the best CPU to how to travel in cattle class, he shares his top tips for buying a professional level laptop.

ImageWorkstations do not come much smaller than this and kitted out with standard desktop components users do not have to compromise on performance.

ImageThe new dual core chip in this so-called entry-level machine from Workstation Specialists makes it a great choice for CAD users who do little more than

ImageHot on the heels of the Precision M6500, Dell has launched a new laptop that puts a little bit of the