ImageGreg Corke reports on a new 3D dataset from the creators of NextMap Britain that has the potential to bring digital terrain modelling into the hands of the CAD masses.

Originating from Hungary in 1982, Graphisoft’s ArchiCAD is the most mature 3D Building Information Modelling solution on the market. With a very loyal installed base over Europe and America, the company regularly produces updates and add-ons. Martyn Day evaluates two of the latest enhancements.

ImageGenerative design is an application of parametric modelling technology that has quickly swept through the design schools and high-end architectural firms, and is now on the cusp of going mainstream. Martyn Day attended the key annual conference, SmartGeometry 09.

ImagePopular among students and professionals, McNeel Associate

ImageIn the not too distant future, you may well end up launching your favourite design tool in a web browser, or never worrying about upgrading your workstation

Bentley's new ProjectWise Dynamic Plot solution enables users to mark up paper drawings and automatically feed digital redlines back into the CAD drawings from which they were created.

ImageGreg Corke reports on a powerful tool for civil engineers that has the potential to revolutionise the role of design visualisation throughout the design phase.

It is that time of year again when Autodesk retires an old version of AutoCAD and introduces a new generation. Featuring 2D parametrics and conceptual 3D, AutoCAD 2010 represents a change of direction for the industry de-facto standard. Martyn Day and Paul Woddy give us their views of the product launches.

ImagePaul Woddy of looks at the adoption of Autodesk Revit and discovers that hard user numbers are difficult to find.

ImageIf you need to share, review, interrogate and publish multi-disciplinary 3D representations of a design in a single building model, Autodesk has a very handy tool for the job, writes Martyn Day.

ImageMarc Thomas, senior consultant at Cadventure Ltd, previews the upcoming MicroStation

ImageInteroperability is one of the industry

ImageMoving from pencil and drawing board to CAD improved the productivity of designers overnight. However, with so much design information captured in digital form, even greater benefits are possible.

ImageTekla Structures is an end-to-end structural BIM solution providing a dedicated 3D modelling environment for conceptual design, engineering, round trip analysis, detailing and beyond. Greg Corke takes a closer look at the latest release, version 14.

ImageRecent market conditions have coalesced to drive a massive take-up of Building Information Modelling (BIM) tools. Martyn Day looks at the benefits of this fast-growing technology.


ImageA new website from Informatix is showcasing the work of customers using Piranesi artist

ImageRevit goes green with the addition of the Integrated Environmental Solutions

ImageThere is a lot of talk about green building design and many architects are coming up against design-related criteria of Part L. With building performance becoming key, Martyn Day evaluates a low-cost solution that could be the answer to better building design.

With rumours that Autodesk has been making plans to patent the use of the term DWG, Martyn Day looks at the reasons behind this move and the potential impact on the CAD industry.