ImageBuilding Information Modelling (BIM) developers have mainly been concerned with providing tools to complete new build projects. In these challenging economic times of make do and mend, features for renovation and retrofit are the ‘new new’. By Martyn Day.

ImageThe co-ordination of multi-disciplinary models in a single environment is one of the foundations of Building Information Modelling. Greg Corke looks at a free tool from structural BIM specialist Tekla that enables engineers, architects or anyone involved in construction to do just that.

ImageMost companies now have multiple databases for customers, sales and project information, but keeping track of relational data can be difficult. CADline has a new product to visualise multiple databases simultaneously on a map, writes Martyn Day.

ImageKeeping track of valuable project email has become a problem for almost every architectural practice. Oasys has a low cost solution that is growing in popularity. Martyn Day reports.

ImageLast year AEC Magazine looked at an innovative UK-developed modeller for urban design called CityCAD. With a new version out, Martyn Day went in for an upgrade.

ImageIt has been a while since AEC has come across any impressive new rendering applications. This month Martyn Day thinks he has found an absolute corker from France.

ImageA fast way to build a virtual city, CityEngine is an easy-to-use tool for concept design or modelling cities for in-context visualisation. Stephen Holmes takes a look.

ImageAutodesk has a multitude of products to offer the AEC industry. With the new 2012 range, the company has decided to create a number of product bundles, or suites. Martyn Day investigates.

ImageNexus is a brand new software from Transoft Solutions that is designed to help engineers quickly create and evaluate conceptual designs for road junctions. Greg Corke reports.

ImageWhile CAD software is developed by firms all over the world, the main point of contact is with their local authorised dealerships. One of the largest UK AEC resellers, CADline has just launched a community portal for all Autodesk customers.

ImageStephen Holmes looks at Nova Studio, a real time 3D engine that enables users to explore Revit or 3ds Max models in real time, much like they would a 3D game.

ImageAutodesk’s iPad DWG tool is now in its second major iteration, featuring local drawing caching, AutoCAD drawing and mobile editing. Martyn Day reports.

ImageHungarian architectural software developer, Graphisoft, has just released a powerful yet low-cost version of its flagship Building Information Modelling (BIM) tool, ArchiCAD.

ImageTim Power from Virtual Resolution and Chris Senior from Revit Factory share their tips on how to best use Revit BIM models to create advanced 3D visualisations.

ImageLeica Geosytsems has introduced a new application to ease the import of real-world point cloud data into Autodesk’s Maya and Max renderers.

ImageWhile AEC Magazine specialises in reviewing the best Building Information Modelling (BIM) systems available, we rarely get the chance to look at digital city solutions. This month Martyn Day looks at a really special UK-developed solution called CityCAD.

ImageEleco, the developer of the Grand Designs 3D software for home builders, has just released a professional CAD solution for small architectural firms.

ImageFor the first time in 20 years, Autodesk has released a native version of AutoCAD for Apple

ImagePoint clouds and 3D laser scanners are in the news at the moment, with both Autodesk and Bentley now offering native access and manipulation of scanned data. Yet it is a small UK developer that is acknowledged as having the fastest point cloud technology.

ImageSurveying is an essential part of our business but in Building Information Modelling (BIM) it would be good to get survey data that was a little more useful, writes Martyn Day.