ImageWhile Autodesk

ImageStructural steel software specialist AceCad has undertaken the biggest development to its software since it started out in the 1980s. Greg Corke reports on the philosophy behind the new evolution suite.

ImageAEC Magazine rarely gets to look at construction management software. This month Martyn Day reviews a product that integrates BIM models and construction schedules in a revolutionary way.

ImageSafely through the release of ArchiCAD 13, Graphisoft has just announced the launch of ArchiCAD 14, due to ship next month. Martyn Day had a chance to see the new features and updates in action.

ImageAutodesk Labs is a website where designers can download free software that is currently in development. An increasing trend is towards web-based applications. Martyn Day looks at Autodesk

ImageAdvance Steel has evolved into a highly capable steel detailing solution. Greg Corke reports on the AutoCAD-based software, which offers advanced modelling, connection design and a managed environment.

ImageA Revit family component is a functional element that must communicate the design intent, occupy a realistic space within the building. Paul Woddy looks at how to get the best out of Building Information Modelling software.

ImageIn the CAD calendar, December is always Autodesk University (AU) and it is always in Las Vegas. The 2009 event was the 17th consecutive AU and, as in previous years, consisted of non-stop presentation, classes, meetings and socialising.

ImageMoving to Building Information Modelling does not just assist in the co-ordination and production of plans and elevations. With an accurate 3D model, simulation and analysis can lead to better designs.

ImageMorson Projects uses upfront computational fluid dynamics to help ensure safe airflow in the Granary Wharf car park in Leeds.

ImageAfter coming to terms with some teething problems in Microsoft

ImageFor decades Computer Aided Design tools concentrated on the 2D documentation phase of the design process. More recently, Google SketchUp has highlighted the demand for 3D conceptual design tools, which has lead to the development of a number of competitive systems.

ImageMicroGDS is one of the AEC industry

ImageVideo conferencing and real-time collaboration for 3D CAD is the name of the game with HP

In ArchiCAD 13 Graphisoft has delivered the most impressive array of improvements and enhancements to its architectural Building Information Modelling (BIM) system in the product

ImageRevit Structure Extensions is a set of tools only available to Revit Structure subscription holders. These tools range from producing a simple grid via an Excel spreadsheet to reinforced concrete drawings.

ImageGreg Corke reports on a new 3D dataset from the creators of NextMap Britain that has the potential to bring digital terrain modelling into the hands of the CAD masses.

Originating from Hungary in 1982, Graphisoft’s ArchiCAD is the most mature 3D Building Information Modelling solution on the market. With a very loyal installed base over Europe and America, the company regularly produces updates and add-ons. Martyn Day evaluates two of the latest enhancements.

ImageGenerative design is an application of parametric modelling technology that has quickly swept through the design schools and high-end architectural firms, and is now on the cusp of going mainstream. Martyn Day attended the key annual conference, SmartGeometry 09.

ImagePopular among students and professionals, McNeel Associate