Image Bi-directional link designed to eliminate the need to design each Fabsec long span cellular beam in isolation

Image High-res meshes can be compared to BIM models to address QA/QC workflows for construction

Image Autodesk enhances Dynamo for Revit and adds new sample studies to Generative Design for Revit to optimise room layouts

Image ArchiCAD 24 delivers four years of under-the hood development to revolutionise model collaboration

Image Partnership with BIM Track brings new issue management capabilities to the real-time rendering and VR tool

Image Graphisoft has delivered a raft of new technologies aiming to revolutionise broken BIM workflows

Image Browser-based software designed to help increase engagement on proposals for construction and infrastructure projects

Image Customers can trial own renders free, using Proof of Concept service powered by Nvidia RTX Servers

Image Integration of cloud-based collaborative tools to help teams stay connected during Covid-19 lockdowns

Image ‘Location intelligence’ said to enable collaborative and connected on-site experiences and streamline construction workflows

Image ArchiveHub lets users download and browse complete project data for handover, analysis or archiving

Image User requested platform features designed to boost collaboration and communications across the construction project lifecycle

Image Real time BIM tool also embraces the cloud for enhanced collaboration and features enhanced visual quality

Image SCIA AutoConverter uses ‘controlled and automated’ conversion to help bring analysis into the BIM process

Image SiteSolve can help developers understand the potential of sites or help architects carry out early phase design work

Image Ideate Sticky now allows users to link PDF and Microsoft Word as well as Microsoft Excel documents to Revit files

Image Cirrus Insite handles laser scan and drone data. Future AI capabilities could include defect detection and automated mapping

Image Tailored solutions for fabrication and MEP offer streamlined workflows within Autodesk Revit

Image Blox uses real time computation to balance form, function and business insights on design projects

Image Photorealistic ray tracer adds post-rendering compositing and lighting tools, to provide a ‘more complete rendering toolset’