How AEC firms have risen to the challenge of working from home, how Nvidia Omniverse is creating a new collaborative canvas for conceptual design, plus lots, lots more

Those with young kids will know exactly where we got the inspiration for the playful front cover in this month’s AEC Magazine.

We’re pleased to say there’s a little less chaos inside and significantly more detail.

Two months after Covid-19 lockdown we take a super deep dive into what AEC firms did to move from their office environment to working from home - the technological and cultural challenges; what did and didn’t work. It’s an epic piece and well worth the time to read. Looking forward, we think many firms will change their IT backbones to be more distributed and agile.

We also have some great technical articles on Nvidia Omniverse for collaborative design, Twinview for digital twins and ACCA for BIM, as well as in-depth interviews on Bentley ProjectWise 365, GIS for BIM and fibre network design, plus lots, lots more.

You can download the PDF here free - plus all the past issues.

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