Image Entry-level mobile workstation features new Tiger Lake-U CPUs and bioplastic from tree waste

Image With Plexscape’s Plex-Earth 5 AutoCAD plug-in engineers can monitor site conditions throughout a project

Image Design-to-delivery platform enables rapid production of floors, panels, furniture and other architectural solutions

Image As exclusive Lenovo agreement comes to an end, AMD to make Threadripper Pro available to all

Image Greg Corke talks virtual workstations with graphics virtualisation specialist Adam Jull, CEO of IMSCAD, touching on hybrid deployments, VR, Covid-19 and more

Image One of China’s largest property developers to use Norwegian start-up’s VR tool on 500m skyscraper

Image AMD-powered cloud-based instances maximises remote productivity for leading Dutch construction firm TBI [sponsored content]

Image New visualisation tool designed to give first impression of different glazing options on building façades

Image The launch of the Lenovo ThinkStation P620 feels like a pivotal moment in the workstation market. We get hands-on with this exciting new 64-core Threadripper Pro workstation

Image New feature helps AEC firms control the narrative and guide clients and collaborators through a sequenced, curated experience

Image AEC firms can now access their 3D Repo BIM models directly from the construction project management platform

Image Rhino.Inside.Revit ‘bridges the gap between Rhino’s freeform modelling and the world of BIM’

Image Free software can capture 9 million dimensionally-accurate points in space with a single scan, or roughly 2,000sqft

Image How architects can use the CAD tools they love in combination with fast real-time rendering tools like Unreal Engine and Twinmotion [sponsored content]

Image Enables as-built 3D reality data to be stored on company’s private server or cloud infrastructure

Image London-based firm looks to simplify 3D printing process by eliminating the need for arduous remodelling

Image Project Lavina finally comes to fruition as Chaos Group broadens its portfolio with new fully interactive design viz tool

Image Will help existing Intel-based Mac CAD / BIM applications to be ported over to the new Apple M1 processor

Image 3D Repo’s cloud-based platform for BIM data at heart of SafetiBase 4D system used by Balfour Beatty Vinci (BBV)

Image New ‘Lists’ feature uses flexible pivot grids where fields can be dragged and dropped across filters, columns, rows and values

Image Innovate UK funded project to help drive down industry carbon emissions and meet Government’s green targets

Image Cloud-based BIM projects can be connected to Unity’s real-time, immersive collaboration platform across VR, AR, XR, web & mobile

Image AR/VR-focused collaborative design tool for architecture edges closer to official launch

Image Collaboration combines Buro Happold’s data analytics and insights platform SmartViz with Microsoft Azure

Image Ideate Automation allowing Ramboll to perform previously fragmented automation tasks and increase its efficiency

Image Vectorworks explores the current licensing structure for its global design products [sponsored content]

Image Tridify recently launched a new BIM streaming service that uses Unreal Engine. Greg Corke caught up with the company’s CEO, Alexander Le Bell, to find out more

Image PreDesign helps assess how a site’s climate and environment might impact design

Image Designed to enable AEC firms to collaborate from anywhere - in the current Covid-19 world, and in the future