Image Latest release of rendering plug-in also lets users render live in the SketchUp viewport and share V-Ray scenes

Image Company takes on new staff to help support expanded range of digital design services

Image Smart steel detailing software from Autodesk has helped a new airport terminal in Guilin, China to blend in with the distinctive landscape of its surrounding area

Image Software uses Microsoft HoloLens to overlay full-scale BIM models into real buildings

Image How can architects, engineers & construction professionals help to build smart cities that put the needs of citizens front and centre?

Image Integration designed to eliminate duplicate work and workflow interruptions and increase efficiency

Image Rebecca De Cicco of Digital Node and Women in BIM discusses the level of BIM adoption in Australia

Image Company also launches new generation hand-held, lightweight mobile laser scanner

Image Free simple to use modelling tool uses DWG as native file format

Image Process said to save $1 million to $5 million per day, compared to conventional methods, due to potential production loss

Image At Isachsen, drones have become one of the most cost-effective tools for surveying projects in fast and non-intrusive ways. Today, the company now conducts regular, often weekly, flights to check that its big projects remain on track

Image ThinkStation P520 desktop workstation for VR and ultra-slim ThinkPad P52s mobile workstation for CAD

Image New AEC–focused tool works with Revit and SketchUp and features collaborative markups and built-in voice

Image Environmental consultancy SLR uses high resolution aerial photography data from Bluesky to create VR simulation

Image Conceptual design has always been the neglected child of the industry, perhaps because SketchUp is seen as all-dominating in this space. But looking at Autodesk FormIt, Martyn Day sees a worthy contender that has come a long way

Image The strategic partnership will build the bridge between BIM and GIS mapping technologies

Image The construction industry may be behind on adopting artificial intelligence and machine learning, but their transformational potential in our sector should not be underestimated

Image Fluid flow simulation can help anyone whose design work is impacted by wind loads, air comfort, and ventilation

Image Argyle Asia puts to the test a new ‘perimeter scan’ flight mode in the 3DR commercial drone platform, in order to capture side-on details of building facades for an as-built survey

Image David Philp and Simon Rawlinson will host two-day technology-led event in Newcastle starting February 28, 2018

Image In order to bring to life its vision for Rathbone Square, Great Portland Estates adopted BIM from the start, working with BIM Technologies to deliver a digital built asset before on-site construction even began

Image Integration of 3DR’s drone data platform and Autodesk’s project management tool designed to improve collaboration and quality control

Image Soluis Group revolutionises Radisson Red hotel design with Unreal Engine

Image Bolton-based Scan is rewriting the rulebook with a phenomenally fast workstation for both CAD and design viz

Image New tablet and laptop in one boasts 73% more 3D performance than Microsoft Surface

Image A mobile mapping device from Topcon has allowed companies working on a sewerage upgrade in Newark, Nottinghamshire to better understand the town’s layout, minimising traffic disruption and eliminating risk to historic buildings

Image First outings for for more visibility into Revit projects and IRONfile for cloud back-up

Image The aim of the EU-funded ACCEPT project is to improve knowledge transfer, project coordination, and quality assurance in the construction process.

Image Clinics and workshops will focus on the technical detail of delivering BIM Level 2

Image Rebecca De Cicco on BIM skills development and how a rapidly evolving industry must adapt to variations in regional terms, processes and requirements