NEWS: Aconex used on South London’s Albert Embankment Projects

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Cloud and mobile collaboration platform used to streamline workflows for three mixed use developments

St James, member of The Berkeley Group, a specialist in urban regeneration developments, is using Aconex solutions to manage the construction of three new schemes comprising the Albert Embankment Plaza. The new plaza, located on the South Bank of the River Thames, includes The Corniche and Merano Residences, both due for completion in early 2017, and The Dumont.

Together, the three mixed use developments will offer over 300 high-end living spaces, approximately 26,747 square feet of office space, and 11,650 square feet of retail and restaurant space. The buildings have striking visual styles, brought to life by the some of the world’s leading architects. Shared underground parking, art installations, water features, and landscaping will be part of the elegant new plaza.

“Each building is its own separate project with different teams,” said Ed Walsh, technical manager at St James. “We needed a platform to help seamlessly control data not only across each project, but between different projects. Aconex increases workflow efficiency, keeps information and processes on track, and provides an invaluable archive.

“However, Aconex isn’t just a database of communications and documents,” Mr. Walsh continued. “The platform was purpose-built for construction projects, and Aconex knows how to problem-solve and optimise the platform specifically to our needs. Support from the account team and customer service has been instrumental in helping ensure our success.”

For St James, the ease of learning and using the Aconex platform was a primary reason for its selection. St James required a document control capability that allowed all project team members to find and share documents, drawings and correspondence quickly and efficiently.

Aconex states that, with its software, the project team is able to easily access both current and prior versions of documents with little training. Team members can quickly search workflows to determine what is newly assigned, pending or overdue. Time saved on processes such as requests for information (RFIs) and design reviews, which have been automated on Aconex, can now be spent on other activities related to project quality and delivery.

“People come and go on projects of this size, and with Aconex, the learning curve is very smooth, allowing new team members – even those who don’t have any previous experience with Aconex – to become productive from day one,” Mr. Walsh explained.


With completion of the first phase of The Corniche and of Merano Residences fast approaching, Aconex Smart Manuals is helping St James simplify the progressive compilation of operation and maintenance (O&M) manuals during the projects for smooth handover and commissioning.

With construction ongoing for other properties and structures in the Albert Embankment Plaza, St James also required a flexible platform that can adapt readily to future projects. Aconex has been configured to support specific processes for St James that can be transferred from one project to another.

“The Aconex platform will continue to prove its value as we begin work on The Dumont,” said Mr. Walsh. “We’re now able to take all the data and templates that were created and customised for The Corniche and Merano projects, and frame them for The Dumont. Also, we have a protocol for projects moving forward that will give us tremendous time and cost savings.”

“The Albert Embankment Plaza will serve as a new landmark on the South Bank,” said Henry Jones, senior vice president of Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and global accounts at Aconex. “We’re pleased with the opportunity to help St James kick off the development of the area with The Corniche and Merano Residences. We look forward to building our partnership as we help St James manage projects across the remainder of the new plaza.”

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