NEWS: OTOY launches service to put CAD/BIM software in the cloud

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OTOY’s new X.IO app streaming service ‘instantaneously’ ports Windows desktop applications to the cloud

OTOY is hoping to establish itself as a key component supplier for ‘CAD-in the-cloud’, launching a new application virtualisation service for 3D software developers.

The X.IO App Streaming service is said to ‘instantaneously’ port Windows desktop applications to the cloud, enabling access on virtually any Internet-connected device.

‘Components’ are often used in CAD or BIM software development so developers don’t have to waste time and money building complex functionality and reinventing the wheel.

Examples include modelling kernels, graphics engines and ray trace renderers. OTOY provides CAD / 3D software developers with APIs and SDKs for what it describes as quick and easy integration of applications into its X.IO service.

The streaming service is built from the ground up to handle graphics-intensive applications, including 3D CAD / BIM and design visualisation. The bulk of the processing is done in the cloud so users of its service can access apps on any Internet-connected device, regardless of form factor or platform.

“The cloud has enabled a new wave of collaborative software that has transformed enterprises and startups alike through collective sharing and editing, but legacy applications, especially demanding workstation-class applications have largely been left behind,” said Jules Urbach, founder and CEO, OTOY.


“X.IO App Streaming gives developers an incredibly simple, cost-effective way to empower their employees and end customers, giving them access to workstation-class applications and performance and a full-function user experience from virtually any device with an Internet connection all without needing to change a thing in the development pipeline.”

The service is based around OTOY’s ORBX technology, which the company claims gives users a high-quality, low-latency experience.

Round-trip latency averages less than 50 ms and bandwidth usage below 1 Mbps, says OTOY, which it achieves by having a global network so X.IO application sessions can run as close to users as possible.

The X.IO App Streaming service is currently in beta with a launch planned for later this year. With Autodesk and DS SolidWorks both using OTOY’s technology over the past few years we look forward to seeing how this develops.

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