Graphisoft makes BIMcloud as a Service free for 60 days

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ArchiCAD users working from home can use the cloud service to effectively work together as integrated teams

Graphisoft has expanded the availability of BIMcloud as a Service to help architects and designers collaborate in these challenging times. It is being offered free for 60 days to ArchiCAD users.

According to Graphisoft, the cloud solution allows design teams to work together in real-time regardless of the size of the project, the location of the team members, or the speed of the Internet connection. There is no up-front IT investment and deployment is ‘quick, easy and scalable’.

“BIMcloud as a Service is exactly what architects need to transition to working from home without missing a beat,” says Francisco Behr, Principal, Behr Browers Architects. “The IT setup was fast and easy. We’re currently working on several large projects and the collaboration among our colleagues and partners has been very smooth across the board.”

To deal with increased demand, BIMcloud as a Service now has expanded availability through a network of regional data centres around the world

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