Construction report examines key trends set to shape 2020

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The ‘Building Resilience’ report from Asite explores the impact of COVID-19, Brexit, changing supply chains, digital engineering and more

Brexit, BIM Level 3, modular construction and COVID-19 and are among the topics under discussion in a new research report from Asite that examines the trends set to impact the construction industry globally in 2020, including the UK.

The reports aims to provide the construction industry with a clear view of its future and determines what it needs to do to move forward, overcome current challenges, and build on the progress taking place.

In its conclusion, the report demonstrates how shared trends and developments across regions might offer a solution to the current crisis. Digital engineering and the establishment of strategic operating models are suggested as key to building resilience and safeguarding the industry.

The report also calls on the industry to recognize their interdependence and develop a strategy that is both regionally engaged and globally responsive.

“When we began our research, we could not have known how drastically the world would change in such a short time,” said Nathan Doughty, Asite CEO. “This change and the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak has impacted our findings and will continue to shape our industry long after the pandemic has passed.

“Now more than ever, I believe our industry needs to come together and operate as the global industry it is to solve future challenges and build resilience. This report will hopefully mark the beginning of this new chapter.”


Research was conducted on different regions – namely, the UK, Europe, the Middle East, North America, Asia-Pacific, and India – and includes findings specific to the UK.

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