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Dusty Robotics enhances robotic construction layout

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Company introduces second-generation robot and automated ‘BIM-to-Field’ workflow

Dusty Robotics, a pioneer of automated site layout, has launched its FieldPrint Platform for an automated ‘BIM-to-field’ workflow. The company has also introduced a second-generation layout robot, the FieldPrinter 2, which prints drawings at 1:1 scale on the construction site floor.

The FieldPrint Platform provides a suite of tools that enable general contractors and trade partners to streamline their BIM-to-field workflow by supporting the entire process from design to installation and beyond. This includes a Revit plug-in that is designed to automate most of the manual steps needed to prepare robot-ready drawings.

“Construction is fundamentally a data-driven workflow that hinges on the right information being made available to the right person at the right time,” said Tessa Lau, CEO and co-founder of Dusty Robotics.

“Our new FieldPrint Platform supports the seamless flow of data from the design phase to the field, and back to the trailer. More than just a robot, Dusty provides an integrated software+hardware solution that architects, designers, and field operators utilise to get unparalleled accuracy, communication, and efficiency.”

Dusty Robotics’ FieldPrinter 2 is designed to enhance on-site performance and productivity through a new compact design and extended capabilities. New features include the ability to print right up to edges, columns, and site features; shadow print, which enables printing behind columns; an extra-wide printhead; power hold for uninterrupted operation during battery replacement; and a new iPad Interface.

Meanwhile, the Dusty Portal is designed to facilitate multi-trade layout by allowing all trades to combine and align their digital files in a single place.

The Portal enables the design team to verify that all files utilise the same coordinate system, preview the combined files prior to printing, and ensure that everyone is working off the latest version. Additionally, it provides access to productivity reports for project tracking and operator performance.


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