NEWS: Yulio introduces ‘Audio Hotspots’ to VR experiences

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Designers can add audio clips to aid communication or to increase feeling of immersion

Yulio has added a new feature to its AEC-focused VR platform that allows designers to add audio clips of up to two minutes to VR experiences.

‘Audio Hotspots’ can be added to specific areas or products within the virtual environments. The clips are activated by a user’s gaze and may include descriptions of specific design choices, answers to frequent questions, information about products used in the design, feedback for clients or simply to add ambient sounds to increase the level of immersion.

A sample VR experience with Text to Speech (TTS), Human voice and ambient sound audio hotspots can be found here.

Yulio’s technology is designed for architects, interior designers, construction firms and others. It enables‘near-instant’ construction of immersive VR experiences (VREs) from designs that have been produced with a number of leading CAD tools including SketchUp, Revit and 3ds Max.

VREs comprise a number of fixed point renders that have been organised to tell a story. They can be shared via a web link and toured and collaborated on in real time via Yulio’s cloud-based collaboration technology. Yulio VREs are viewed on a Google Cardboard compatible headset or a Samsung GearVR headset.

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