Topcon GNSS technology integrated with IoT solutions

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Bentley Systems to use technology for monitoring infrastructure assets and Worldsensing for monitoring geohazards

Topcon Positioning Systems has announced strategic agreements with Bentley Systems and Worldsensing to integrate its GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) technology into the companies’ software and connectivity solutions.

As part of its agreement with Bentley Systems, the infrastructure engineering software company, Topcon has provided access to its web-based GNSS processing engine.

Bentley has integrated the technology into its iTwin IoT monitoring solution, which can be used to monitor a wide range of infrastructure assets.

“We’re excited to announce this integration of Topcon’s GNSS technology into our suite of IoT-based monitoring solutions,” said Steve Bentley, senior director of Infrastructure IoT for Bentley Systems.

“This integration will enable our users to combine cost-effective geospatial monitoring data with the wide range of geotechnical, environmental, and structural sensor data that we already support — providing real-time asset intelligence that can be combined with engineering data to advance infrastructure digital twins.”

Worldsensing, an IoT specialist offering connectivity solutions for geotechnical, structural and environmental monitoring, has integrated the Topcon AGM-1 GNSS receiver with its Thread X3 broadband product.

According to Topcon, the result is a new Accurate Positioning System for monitoring geohazards such as rock falls and landslides in pit mines, rail embankments and other ground structures.


“This will empower industry professionals to proactively identify potential risks of subsidence, heave, landslip, settlement and undertake preventive measures,” said Ian Stilgoe, vice president of Emerging Business for Topcon.

“Mining operations and the rail industry will greatly benefit from this collaboration. Professionals in these fields can now access a comprehensive monitoring solution that ensures the safety of their operations while optimising productivity, all at a much lower cost than before.”