Arkio expands beta release of collaborative VR design tool

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Software now allows users to load Arkio creations directly into Revit and Enscape

Arkio, a collaborative tool for modelling buildings, interiors or entire urban plans in VR and AR, has updated its beta release.

Arkio Beta v0.6.4 now allows users to load Arkio creations directly into Revit. All geometry, textures and Arkio components will be converted to native Revit (2019 & 2020) and Enscape elements to further develop, document and collaborate on your designs in BIM.

Other new features include a spectator camera that allows users to follow the VR user and collaborate with them locally using the same PC, and improved program area calculations which now have their own dedicated material mode, so users can switch between adding materials or program data to their designs.

Users can join the beta program here.

Arkio gave the first public demonstration of its collaborative design tool at AEC Magazine’s NXT BLD in June. See the video below.




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