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Prospect by IrisVR gets ‘immersive issue tracking’

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Issues can be brought in, via BCF, to a variety of coordination tools including BIMcollab, Revizto, and Trimble Connect

Issues discovered during collaborative VR coordination meetings in Prospect by IrisVR, can now be tracked.

Once classified, hard and soft clashes, general issues, requirement changes, or points of interest can exported into a variety of file types.

This includes the open-source BIM Collaboration Format (BCF) file, which can be used to connect into existing issue tracking workflows, such as BIMcollab, Revizto, and Trimble Connect.

“Using Prospect has significantly improved the quality of our interdisciplinary coordination and early issue detection identification between design, construction, and maintenance,” says Michael Black, a BIM Coordinator at SNC Lavalin.

Prospect version 2.13 also adds support for Navisworks 2022, Revit 2022, and SketchUp 2021. Other features include IFC improvements, such as up to 30% faster IFC import.

The Wild acquired Prospect by IrisVR in February 2021.

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