Hybrid manufacturing machine goes live

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LASIMM project machine said to pave the way for 3D printing parts and structures for construction

One of the world’s largest hybrid manufacturing machines, which features metal additive and subtractive capabilities, is now ready to build, and will be capable of 3D printing large pieces of metal and large parts and structures for construction. The team behind the EU-funded LASIMM project say the machine offers a 20 per cent reduction in time and cost expenditure, as well as a 15 per cent increase in productivity for high-volume additive manufacturing production.

The machine includes a modular configuration of industrial robot arms and a specialised milling robot – the first for additive manufacturing of aluminium and steel, and the second for machining away surplus material to provide the final finish. According to the LASIMM team, the process will enable entire large-scale industries to move away from standardised components and towards bespoke solutions for industries such as aerospace, renewables, energy, transport, construction and many more.

“For Europe’s future industrial competitiveness, the LASIMM project represents a mighty leap forward for hybrid manufacturing and will enable many countries to produce far larger materials, both more quickly and cost effectively,” said Johnny van der Zwaag, project manager research and innovation projects at Autodesk, the lead software partner on the project. “The project has brought hybrid manufacturing to a truly global and industrial scale. To date, 3D printing has been limited to smaller components and is often seen as an expensive option. But the technology, both software and hardware that has been implemented within this project, shows that it is now ready for bigger things.”




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