NEWS: AEC (UK) BIM Technology Protocol updated

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Platform-independent BIM guide re-worked to align with current UK standards including PAS1192-2

The AEC (UK) BIM protocol 2.1 is now available for free download. The AEC (UK) team says this new revision will bring it into line with current UK standards, and will help firms implement those standards when using BIM authoring technology.

Chair of the AEC (UK) initiative, Nigel Davies, explains: “Our industry is changing rapidly. When the last revision of the BIM protocol was published, PAS1192-2 hadn’t even been released. We’ve re-worked the AEC (UK) BIM document to align with those workflows.”

Mr Davies is also keen to point out that it is not a competing document: “That’s important to understand, and the reason why we’ve renamed it ‘BIM Technology Protocol’. The AEC (UK) is here to provide practical guidance for adoption of the British Standards. You’ll see references to PAS1192 throughout. What we aim to do is to make those standards more accessible to the person in front of a PC, those who may not be involved with EIRs or the BIM strategy, to help them understand what they need to do with their models to be compliant.”

Updates to the platform-specific supplements will follow in due course., says the AEC (UK) team. These include Autodesk Revit, Bentley AECOsim Building Designer, Graphisoft ArchiCAD and Nemetschek VectorWorks

The AEC (UK) Initiative was formed in 2000 to improve the process of design information production, management and exchange. Initially the initiative addressed CAD layering conventions but the initiative has now expanded to cover other aspects of design data production and information exchange. The AEC (UK) BIM Protocol was first released in November 2009.

An update to the AEC (UK) Layer Naming is now in progress to align with Uniclass 2015 and should be available shortly.

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