NEWS: HoloMeeting brings Revit models to virtual meetings

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Software works with Microsoft HoloLens and Windows Mixed Reality Headsets for immersive collaborative sessions

HoloMeeting from Kazendi is a new Mixed Reality remote collaboration platform that allows teams to share, view and markup 3D models in an immersive meeting. The software works with the Microsoft HoloLens and Windows Mixed Reality headsets, as well as Surface Pro tablets and Windows 10 desktops.

HoloMeeting supports Revit through a plug-in that allows users to view a Revit model in Mixed Reality in ‘one click’ for collaborative discussion. The software also supports Navisworks models and 60 different file types in total including SolidWorks, Catia, FBX, and OBJ.

“HoloMeeting allows for the efficiency and effectiveness of real-life meetings with the cost and ease of use of teleconferencing,” says Kazendi’s Pauline Hohl. “This means that collaboration with both clients and stakeholders can happen in real-time and design and ideation sessions with colleagues needn’t incur unncecessary travel.

“Content can be both 3D models as well as 2D documents, PDFs, etc. allowing for more effective presentations and meetings to take place as well as ideation and design sessions and workshops.

“Should team members be unable to attend a meeting it can easily be recorded from one of the member’s Hololens camera. The recorded video can then be shared with others as a normal video file. In this manner, meetings and workshops can occur more smoothly with HoloMeeting vs other conferencing solutions.”

HoloMeeting participants can use personalised avatars to better engage with colleagues, communicate with voice, real-time spatial sound and freehand drawing tools, as well as share cameras for remote assistance/maintenance.



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