NEWS: architectural pre-design information management in the cloud

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SIMplexity Launch allows architects to capture and manage data to develop project requirements and manage project information.

Introspective Systems has released a cloud-based version of its SIMplexity Launch solution. The software is designed to enable architects to gather, store, and manage information for their projects so that they can make more informed decisions while tracing information and requirements from projection inception to completion.

The big sell for the new cloud-based version is that it enables architects, project managers, and others on the integrated design team to use SIMplexity Launch Professional via any computer with Internet access for a $25 monthly subscription.

The new cloud-based version of SIMplexity Launch makes it even easier for architects to capture and manage all of the data they need to develop project requirements and manage project information and collaborative teams,” says Kay Aikin, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Introspective Systems. “Architects can focus on creating better designs rather than tracking the tens of thousands of data points involved in each project. SIMplexity Launch reduces project risk and costly rework.”

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