NEWS: Autodesk rolls out 360 Team in US, global launches to come

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After an extensive beta period, Autodesk unleashes the commercial version of its Autodesk 360 Team, Cloud-based project collaboration service

Autodesk continues to deploy on its cloud roadmap and has just delivered a major piece of its cloud backbone for US customers.

A few years in the making Autodesk 360 and Autodesk 360 Team are now available for commercial release. As with all Autodesk products, the 360 attached to any name indicates that it is a cloud-based service or application, as opposed to the companies desktop-based tools such as AutoCAD, Revit or Inventor. Autodesk 360 is free, while 360 Team requires a subscription.

Autodesk 360 Team is a services that assists design teams by providing a single space for accessing, viewing, collaborating and managing design or project-related data, irrespective of location, covering hundreds of file formats and on a number of desktop and mobile platforms. Autodesk sees 360 Team as a way to connect, internal and external workgroups, in-house or onsite with essential design data.

When data is stored on a cloud, it’s easier to share the information amongst team members. Autodesk provides a suite a capabilities which A360 Team members can search for, view or redline native cad models and plans. This could also include simulation results, videos or renderings.

Team members get their own login page and dashboard, with access to projects, files, people, calendar, wiki and updates on edits to files. Mobile apps for Android and iOs take this onsite, through your phone or tablet.

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