NEWS: Autodesk takes immersive visualisation to the cloud

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Confidential cloud labs project turns Revit models into immersive ‘games-engine’ environments

Autodesk is looking for Revit users to join Project Expo, a confidential Labs project which uses Autodesk’s games engine, Stingray, for real time design visualisation in the cloud.

Details on Project Expo are scarce but Autodesk has revealed that the cloud service makes the conversion from BIM to real-time ‘automatic and as simple as the click of a button’.

The resulting immersive visualisation can then be explored on desktop, mobile, the web, or VR.

Interested parties should request to join the project, and the team grants access based on a variety of factors such as geographic diversity, type of user, etc. Then it’s all rather hush hush, as successful applicants participate under NDA and cannot share results publicly.

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