NEWS: BIMcontact updates project management and collaboration tool

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Swedish-developed cloud-based tool said to improve collaboration in project meetings

BIMcontact has released an updated version of its web-based project management and collaboration tool, which includes a simplified user interface and a browser-based IFC-viewer.

The software uses the concept of meeting rooms for project participants. Only those invited to the project group can share documents, drawings and other project information.

With the software’s ‘Desktop Drive’, files are directly synchronised between PC and cloud. A simultaneous exchange gives everyone in the project direct access to the latest version of the document or drawing.

One of the software’s new features allows users to share information with the rest of the project group without having to send the entire model. A plug-in saves data in a file that contains an image, a screenshot of a detail of the model, as well as text and metadata. When the recipient in the project group opens the file, the recently manipulated part of the model is started and visually points out new tasks, for example adjusting the height of something or answering a question.

Once the question is answered, it is ‘ticked off’ and the project can move forward to the next issue. According to the developer, with this approach, problems can be solved much quicker, cooperation in the project group improves and the exchange of experiences between persons of different skills increases.

BIMcontact is hosting two webinars this month. ‘An introduction to BIMcontact’ on May 13 and ‘The IFC viewer’ on May 20.

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