NEWS: BIMobject Cloud ‘compliant’ for UK Government requirements

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BOPC (BIMobject Open Property Cloud) technology will enable manufacturers to quickly incorporate any changes made to COBie

BIMObject is using its BOPC (BIMobject Open Property Cloud) technology to help ensure that any changes to data required for COBie (Construction Operations Building information exchange) can be made available quickly by manufacturers and easily incorporated into BIM models, at any time, during design and construction.

COBie is the data which the UK Government has mandated, from April 6th 2016, for public sector building projects. Without this data, building products will not be compliant with contract requirements.

“At Tata Steel we recognise that not everyone needs the same data, and especially when supplying products across a number of territories, externalising the data is crucial. It provides users with the flexibility to select the data they need and for manufacturers, the potential to tailor their information to local requirements”, said Steve Thompson, Global Market Manager – Construction and Infrastructure, Tata Steel, and Chair for BIM4M2.

BIMobject has already used BOPC to demonstrate compliance with existing UK BIM Level 2 as part of trials for COBie compliancy, BIMobject submitted a data set to buildingSMART UK.

“We used the special COBie module in Solibri Model Checker to verify that the data from BIMobject was COBie compliant,” says, David Jellings, Managing Director, Solibri UK, and buildingSMART UK Board member. “Solibri Model Checker provides the most comprehensive data verification available for COBie, and it quickly became apparent that the BIMobject submission met all the requirements for BIM Level 2 compliance.”

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