NEWS: Microdesk launches Revit asset management tool

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ModelStream connects Revit with IBM Maximo to deliver BIM-integrated enterprise asset management

Microdesk has launched a Revit asset management solution ModelStream which connects Autodesk Revit to IBM Maximo for facility management and operations and maintenance teams to directly access BIM data developed during the design and construction process.

“ModelStream is an innovative new product that finally addresses a major pain point for owners and facility managers with its bi-directional connection between Autodesk Revit and IBM Maximo information to create a fully integrated asset management system,” said George Broadbent, director of asset management at Microdesk. “By bridging the gap between BIM models and Maximo, facilities and operations teams will now be able to easily visualize potential problems, track equipment, identify assets, and access data essential for effectively managing a building throughout its lifecycle.”

Rather than deal with the time consuming process of manually populating a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), ModelStream’s configuration can be accomplished in a matter of hours, says Microdesk, and assets synchronized in just a few minutes. Then, rather than having to sift through multiple data sources, personnel can access all space, asset, and maintenance information from a single enterprise asset management system.

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