NEWS: Faro previews new scan registration device

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Faro BIM Scan Localizer boasts efficiency gains of up to 2-5x over other BIM as-built capture applications

3D measurement and imaging specialist Faro has launched an Early Adopter (EA) Program, designed to give select customers early access to new Faro products and the opportunity to work one-on-one with the Faro Labs engineers on future product improvements and new technologies.

The first technology to be introduced to the program is the Faro BIM Scan Localizer, an add-on device that mounts underneath the Faro Laser Scanner Focus3D to make continuous 2D scans and provide detailed registration information.

Faro says it removes the need for reference targets in overlap zones by users executing interior BIM scans. While moving the Faro Laser Scanner Focus3D from one location to another, the scan localizer tracks the laser scanner’s location and the 3D scans are stitched together to provide a complete interior building scan. According to Faro, this one-of-a-kind solution provides 3D scanning customers with efficiency gains of up to 2-5x over alternative solutions for BIM as-built capture applications.

To join the Faro EA program pre-register here.

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