New expansion bolts plug-in for Tekla Structures

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Users can automatically detail Lindapter’s Hollo-Bolt connection, with the associated product-specific information and data

Trimble (UK), in partnership with Lindapter, has launched a new Tekla plug-in to help to facilitate the ‘efficient and accurate’ detailing of the Hollo-Bolt system into structural steel models.

Available to download within Tekla Warehouse, the plug-in enables Lindapter’s Hollo-Bolt system to be incorporated directly into a Tekla Structures model.

The Hollo-Bolt system is Lindapter’s range of CE UKCA marked expansion bolts that only require installation access to one side of the steel. Suitable for both end-plate and profile-to-profile connections and with three bolt heads available (Hexagonal, Countersunk and Flush Fit), the products are said to provide a faster alternative to welding or through-bolting, enabling steelwork contractors to reduce construction time and labour costs.

Prior to the launch of the tool, Tekla and Lindapter customers would have had to manually model a generic steel bolt connection with no specific attributes. Generic connections are not linked to any manufacturer, which Trimble says makes it impossible to generate precise take-offs. Now, using the new plug-in, users can automatically detail the Hollo-Bolt connection, with the associated product-specific information and data (including product codes and attributes). According to Trimble, this leads to more accurate quantity take-offs and estimates.

Furthermore, rather than detailing a bolt connection in isolation, the tool creates a parametric component. This automatically prevents users from going outside of the set parameters – for example, the positioning of the Hollo-Bolt products has to allow for a pre-stated distance between both the bolts and the inside edge of the steel section. The tool’s intelligent parametric capabilities help to ensure a correct first-time steelwork connection design.


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