NEWS: IrisVR boosts visual quality and team collaboration in Prospect 2.1

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Users can now join meetings without a VR headset, while ambient occlusion increases realism

IrisVR has updated its CAD-to-VR tool Prospect, which works with Revit, SketchUp and Rhino.

The latest 2.1 release builds on the software’s multi user meeting capability by Introducing a ‘No Headset Mode’ so users can join client walkthroughs and review sessions from their computer desktop instead of having to be in VR.

The software also offers improved visual quality with support for ambient occlusion, a rendering technique that make scenes look more realistic by adding depth through better quality shadows.

According to the developers, this update won’t compromise comfort, as the software stills maintain 90 frames per second (FPS) in VR.

Other new features include the ability to fly in the HTC Vive to see things from a new perspective.


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