NEWS: LFM adds intelligence to laser scans and improves access via the cloud

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LFM NetView 4.0 and LFM Server 4.3 deliver new capabilities in using laser scan data for project collaboration and asset management

New 3D mark-up functionality in the latest releases of LFM NetView and LFM Server from LFM Software is designed to support the use of laser scan data for asset management.

Project collaboration has also been addressed by giving users extended access to laser scan projects through cloud and tablet support. The company will use Microsoft’s Azure platform to deliver the as-operated asset conditions to the desktops and mobile devices of asset stakeholders.

With the new 3D mark-up functionality, users are able to add, access and share asset intelligence in the form of tag identifiers, attributes and comments as well as links to associated documents and information.

LFM NetView 4.0 provides ‘secure, on-demand’ access to laser scan data via company networks or the internet. The BubbleView interface has been designed using the latest web technology allowing in browser, ‘plug-in free’ global access to visualise on-site conditions and add or extract data. Tablet enablement and the facility to take data ‘offline’ and synchronise later is designed to enable remote use for inspection tasks and on-site reviews. LFM

Server 4.3 provides the data backbone for LFM NetView 4.0 by providing a live link to a master dataset helping ensure all data is up-to-date and accurate.

“The latest releases of LFM NetView and LFM Server deliver a significant milestone in LFM’s vision to provide a Trusted Living PointCloud to our clients”, said Gary Farrow, VP Business Management, LFM Software. “We have dramatically improved the accessibility to laser scan data by allowing tablet access to projects, supported by our adoption of cloud computing utilising the Microsoft Azure platform.”


“The new mark-up functionality allows users to ‘fast-tag’ their laser scan data with attributes and hyperlinks. Coupled with the ability to take data offline and refresh when back online will create huge opportunities for the use of laser scan data across the lifecycle of an asset. These advances provides our customers the ability to maintain their laser data as part of their digital asset and utilise its value throughout operational life. Combined, the new products deliver the most intelligent laser scan data to the fingertips of engineering, construction, design and operational teams in a single dataset.”

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