NEWS: Research shows BIM uptake needs to increase

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Durapipe says less than a quarter of building services contractors and consultants are selecting construction products with BIM information available

The use of BIM models is not even close to where it needs to be, with less than a quarter of building services contractors and consultants selecting construction products with BIM information available, according to new research from Durapipe UK.

Only 24% of those surveyed use products with BIM and one in four respondents stated they do not believe the technology to be important at all.

While Durapipe’s research shows relatively small take up, the company says there are encouraging signs that usage is growing. 39% of those questioned explained that they do occasionally use BIM models, suggesting that they are preparing for compliance with the new UK Government’s procurement process.

Commenting on its latest research, Durapipe’s building services brand manager, Des Dolan, said, “There has been so much noise about BIM over the last year or so, with all companies in the supply chain keen to outline their strategies and solutions, so we were very surprised to find out that the number of companies actually using BIM models is so small.

“The deadline for compliance is little over 12 months away so uptake needs to increase and fast; companies need to get to grips with BIM quickly and embrace the technology if they are to be competing for tenders this time next year.”

Durapipe currently has BIM models available for its chilled water pipework system, SuperFLO ABS. Following the research, in which 28% of respondents revealed they would like to see BIM information for hot and cold water pipework, it will be launching BIM models for its HTA hot and cold water system in the next month, with other Durapipe brands to follow.


Durapipe questioned more than 500 building services contractors and consultants to find out what the current priorities are when specifying building products for building services applications.

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