NEWS: Tata Steel set to launch major BIM program

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BIM information for Tata Steel’s construction products can be tailored to a specific point or requirement in the project process

As part of its Digital Product Platform, Tata Steel  is set to launch a major BIM programme later this year. According to the global firm, the development will provide accurate software-agnostic product information and data in a range of formats supported by appropriate 2D and 3D geometry.

Products covered will include building envelope, structural, conveyance, building services, rail and other products across the construction, infrastructure, energy & power and rail sectors, totalling more than 7,000 products in over 41 countries.

According to Steve Thompson, BIM Programme Manager for Tata Steel, the new format first of all enables the user to quickly identify the products to suit their needs, with some examples enabling the user to go from over 10,000 product options to 1 in 8 or less clicks.

Once the correct product is selected, a menu of information is provided based on product and location, and the user can select which information they want to include.

By providing the data in this way, Tata says BIM users will be provided with appropriate, timely and relevant BIM information for construction products, which can be tailored to a specific point or requirement in the project process such as the location, context, profile or geometry.

According to Thompson, this means BIM users can make better decisions about the products they use by having the right information in the right format, for their projects.


Thompson adds that data will be organised to include accessible content in IFC, to meet national requirements (for example COBie in the UK), and to provide additional specification, support and software-specific information where relevant; the aim being to maximize the flexibility of the information available to enable users to tailor it to their needs.

Tata Steel is an active member of BIM4M2 which is a forum for manufacturers and interested parties to share their knowledge and to input the manufacturing perspective into the Government BIM Task Group. The group was formed by the Construction Products Association (CPA), but is separate to and independent from it.

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