NEWS: Aconex launches ‘Connected BIM’ for project-wide collaboration

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New solution on Aconex Platform manages BIM data between design and construction teams and in to operations.

Aconex Connected BIM is a new extension of the Aconex cloud collaboration platform for managing BIM data and processes for project-wide collaboration between design and construction teams and handover to the owner.

With Aconex Connected BIM, designers for specific disciplines can create and modify models in their native authoring tools and use simple software plug-ins to publish them in the Aconex BIM Cloud. On the platform, all members of the project team – other designers, engineers, consultants, contractors, subcontractors, and owners – can view, distribute, mark up, and contribute to model data at the object level. This coordinated process is said to support timely detection of clashes with a view to optimising constructability.

As the project moves through design and into construction, team members can link each object in the model with relevant project documents, communications and workflows. For example, a mechanical subcontractor can tag a pump with an operating manual or a commissioning sheet. Project team members can issue an RFI or a design query regarding that pump for timely resolution with a complete audit trail.

At practical completion, a comprehensive and accurate set of interrelated project information – including the model, all of the documentation associated with each of its objects, and an audit trail – can be handed over to the owner for operation, says Aconex.

“Aconex now connects all participants with BIM data and processes project-wide, enabling project teams to share, consume and enrich models on a single integrated collaboration platform in the cloud,” said Rob Phillpot, senior vice president of product and engineering and co-founder of Aconex. “From their web browsers and mobile devices, design and construction teams can resolve issues early and produce a fully documented visualisation of the project that is ready for operation at handover. With a complete and accurate set of interconnected project data outside the model, owners can reduce operating costs, which account for up to 75% of total asset lifecycle costs.”

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