NEWS: Trimble CrewSight to track construction site workers

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Automated, RFID-enabled site tracking system helps contractors improve visibility into the costs of labour on construction projects

It may sound a touch Orwellian, but Trimble reckons its new CrewSight System will help contractors increase efficiency, safety and security on the construction site.

The system can be used to automate the management of workers entering or leaving a site, allowing tighter tracking of progress to pinpoint discrepancies and identify opportunities to optimise the work process. Trimble says knowing who and when workers are on site allows project managers to validate project costs for labour, provide proof of compliance and maintain safety on the site.

The system consists of three main components: Trimble CrewSight, the application that enables contractors to collect, view, analyse and store the workers’ data; a choice of hardware sensor devices that collect information for worker entry and exit on the site; and an enrollment station and RFID-enabled badges that allow companies to verify and enroll each worker in the system prior to entry, eliminating the need for on-hand personnel to check-in workers manually.

Depending on what type of hardware sensor devices are chosen for each site, contractors have an option of using guard-assisted worker check-in, worker self check-in using a manual check-in/check-out device called “VIS Box” or hard access using a turnstile or vehicle gates. This access control is designed to prevent unauthorized workers from being on the site or in areas of the site without the proper credentials. In addition, CrewSight allows contractors to monitor every zone of the site and supports monitoring multiple sites from the same user interface.

CrewSight provides up-to-date data that is accessible from any Web-enabled device and will be integrated with existing scheduling software such as Trimble’s Prolog project management and scheduling software to enhance the implementation with real-time field data.

“Controlling labour costs is a major consideration for all construction managers,” said Mark Sawyer, general manager of the GC/CM Division of Trimble Buildings. “Trimble CrewSight provides accurate reporting on the actual hours contractors and subs are working to ensure that projects stay on track. The planned integration with scheduling software, such as Trimble Prolog, gives a more complete picture of the site, the workers and the entire project.”


Trimble CrewSight is available in North America through the BuildingPoint network and other Authorized Distribution Partners of Trimble GC/CM solutions.

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