Samsung launches 2TB Solid State Drives (SSDs)

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The new capacity, double that of previous gen SSDs, should be of particular benefit to mobile workstations with limited storage

In a move that is sure to please architects and engineers who work with massive BIM datasets, Samsung has announced 2TB models of its 850 PRO and 850 EVO Solid State Drives (SSDs), doubling the capacity of its previous top-end models.

This big increase in capacity is thanks Samsung’s 3D Vertical NAND (V-NAND), which, instead of instead of cramming transistors horizontally closer together, works by stacking layers of transistors on top of each other.

The use of 3D V-NAND also helps improve drive endurance, which will be of big interest to those with heavy read / write workflows, in areas such as design visualisation or simulation.

Samsung guarantees the 2TB 850 PRO for 10 years or 300 terabytes written (TBW), and the 2TB 850 EVO for five years or 150 TBW. This equates to 80GB per day, which is a big amount for most users of BIM software.

Of course, these SSDs don’t come cheap. The 2TB 850 EVO will set you back around £637 and the 850 PRO, £750. Both drives are based on the SATA interface and come in a standard 2.5-inch form factor that is supported by most mobile workstations (not all the slimline machines) and all desktop workstations.

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