Oasys updates automated building and utility damage assessment software

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XDisp 20.0 can be used to perform rail, building and utility damage assessment for all types of excavation and infrastructure projects

Oasys has released XDisp Version 20.0, the latest release of the automated building and utility damage assessment software that can be used to calculate ground movements induced by tunnelling, embedded wall excavations, shafts and mining works.

According to the developers, the software gives users the whole picture on building damage risk due to excavation works in a fraction of the time compared to other solutions.

XDisp 20.0 analyses the location and severity of potential damage, rating it from Category 0 (negligible) to Category 5 (severe) and presenting it with colour-coded visual outputs. Oasys says that the location and magnitude of a potential problem is immediately obvious, even on a large project involving multiple buildings and underground services.

Other usability enhancements in this new release include the development of easy menu access to charts and tabular data relevant to a given analysis, at any stage of construction along any displacement line.

With new multi-core processing, proposed solutions are quickly and easily checked. The ability to generate JSON files further automates and speeds up engineering workflow, says Oasys. With an XDisp Pro license, the software can be used to look at different stages of construction using a single model. The resultant animation is designed to show clearly how the risk of damage will change for each building, rail, and utility section over time as work progresses.

A webinar presenting the new features and enhancements can be seen below.


XDisp 20.0: Greater efficiency in utility, building and rail damage assessment for infrastructure projects from Oasys on Vimeo.



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