Trimble launches three-month trial for Tekla Model sharing

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BIM collaboration tool allows teams to work on the same model at the same time

UK users of Tekla Structures are being offered a three-month free trial of Tekla Model Sharing, a collaborative technology that allows teams to work without an internet connection, which is only required when changes need to be synced.

“Thanks to the patented workflow of Tekla Model Sharing, users can work on their own local copy of the shared model and only have to update the changes online, using the cloud-based sharing service, Microsoft Azure – resulting in a reliable model,” said Steve Insley, business development manager at Trimble. “What’s more, the software only shares the changes made in the model and not the entire model to save everyone time.

Trimble’s Tekla Model Sharing trial includes five Tekla Model Sharing licenses for three months’ free use. It ends after 90 days and users are not bound to any subscription. However, if users are happy and satisfied with the work that can be achieved using the software, a license can be purchased for £400 per year.



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