Vectorworks simplifies GIS data integration

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Integration of Vectorworks BIM capabilities with Esri’s ArcGIS Online services said to benefit planners, developers and designers

Vectorworks users are to get ‘better and quicker’ access to GIS imagery, data and geometry through a tighter integration with Esri’s ArcGIS Online services. The CAD and BIM software developer says the integration will help AEC and landscape professionals, as well as urban planners and urban designers early on in the design process.

“A broad range of AEC and landscape professionals will benefit from the new integration including those planning with architecture firms or delivering government, master planning or campus planning projects. They’ll notice a much more seamless and direct GIS workflow that is a huge time saver,” said Vectorworks Landscape product marketing manager Eric Gilbey.

With this new solution, designers can access online mapping and aerial images by way of two new Vectorworks tools – Geoimage and Geolocate. According to Vectorworks, with proper geographic coordinates and projection in the Vectorworks file, designers can accurately geolocate their project by simply entering an address. And with a paid ArcGIS Online services plan, customers can access more maps and other imagery directly in Vectorworks.

“As an Esri user, the similarity to the ArcGIS environment makes Vectorworks even more of an asset for us,” says Anna Arbetter, licensed landscape architect at Futurity. “We use GIS extensively and incorporate it into every project. The streaming imagery service allows us to instantly assess whether our project data has shown up in the right location. The new method for setting the project location at 0,0 means we can use a standardised template that includes sheet viewports without the need to adjust viewports to each particular project location.”




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