NEWS: European MEPcontent standard released

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Stabiplan publishes guidelines for Revit families for the building services industry

Autodesk MEP software developer Stabiplan says its new European MEPcontent Standard (EMCS) will provide MEP engineers and manufacturers with uniform and classified content for the European building services industry. Revit families created with the standard will be made available on, a comprehensive ‘open’ content library for MEP engineers.

Stabiplan believes the building services industry deserves its own standards and this should be done on a European level as a country-specific approach is too fragmented and not future-proof.

The Dutch firm states that high quality content has to comply with a set of rules, which guarantee that the families are consistent, will behave correctly in a Revit project and contain the relevant information. According to Stabiplan, this is why the European MEPcontent Standard provides:

  • Naming conventions
  • Rules about the main properties of a family (Revit category, host)
  • Rules about using parameters
  • Rules about creating the geometry/representation
  • Rules about connectors
  • Rules about classification data and supporting external standards.

Stabiplan says EMCS is an open standard that can be used by everyone. Every family that is published in accordance with EMCS can be used in Revit 2014 and later, but also in applications that run on top of the Revit platform, like Stabicad.

Stabiplan invites engineers and manufacturers to provide feedback on the EMCS. The standard can be downloaded for free on


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