Faro launches WebShare Enterprise for reality data

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Enables as-built 3D reality data to be stored on company’s private server or cloud infrastructure

Faro has launched an enterprise version of its WebShare platform, that offers real-time access to as-built 3D reality data for project management and scan-to-BIM workflows.

The enterprise version allows data to be stored on a company’s private server or cloud infrastructure, to give firms full control over the security of their 3D reality data, and single sign-on support to simplify the log-on process.

Faro WebShare allows reality capture data of ‘unlimited size’ to be viewed, evaluated, and shared using a web browser. The platform supports multiple reality data sources and provides users with a ‘conversion-free’ way to export point clouds, including to other popular industry standard formats like Autodesk ReCap and Bentley Pointools.

For the AEC industry, Faro WebShare also enables the integration of 3D reality data as part of digital twin for the operation and maintenance of buildings and facilities, and the continuous monitoring of the construction process.

“WebShare Enterprise marks another important step in driving industry applications that can leverage digital twin technology,” said Vito Marone, senior director of software product marketing at Faro. “On the heels of our recent acquisition of ATS, we will continue to introduce solutions that enable customers to save time and money and improve project efficiency and reliability.”

In August, Faro acquired Advanced Technical Solutions in Scandinavia AB (“ATS”), to accelerate the adoption of digital twin solution technology. According to the company, the planned integration of ATS software and proprietary Traceable 3D system will enable highly accurate and repeatable 3D scans into the Faro WebShare platform, with ‘10x faster imaging at up to 1mm accuracy’.

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