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OpenSpace enhances 360° reality capture solution

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New release said to improve capturing on multiple sites and includes new tools for site and VDC team coordination

OpenSpace has added several new features to its 360° reality capture and AI-powered analytics solution. This includes improvements for customers capturing on multiple sites and providing construction site teams with new tools to strengthen coordination with VDC and larger project teams.

The newest version of the OpenSpace mobile app, available on iOS and Android, includes the addition of BIM Compare, allowing teams on site to view their model side-by-side with actual site conditions and ‘navigate models easily’. In addition, new capture heatmaps show which areas of the site have been previously captured and which areas have been missed to ensure an entire site is documented.

A new QuickConnect feature is designed to make it quicker to connect cameras to the mobile app (including Insta360 One X3, Insta360 OneRS 1-Inch Camera, Insta360 One X, Insta360 One X2, Insta360 One R, Ricoh Theta Z1, and Garmin VIRB).

Meanwhile, with Field Notes, project teams can visually collaborate by adding notes in context within the 360° image capture and share the information in just a few clicks.

Enhancements include custom safety and environment tags, a “closed” status designation, and a search feature—all of which are designed to help project teams take action on what they see on-site, with customisable statuses and tags coming soon.

To help improve coordination between the site and office/VDC teams, OpenSpace offers new ‘advanced image enhancement’ capabilities that allow for brightening, noise reduction, and other post-processing improvements to captured images. According to the developers, this reduces the need to revisit the site or perform another capture to investigate an area more closely.

A new sheet overlay feature in BIM Compare lets users view drawings overlaid on the model so they can view notes from the drawing such as door and room tags and dimensions from their desks or on-site via the mobile app.