NEWS: Solibri introduces Model Viewer Pro

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Paid for version includes ‘Issue Sorter’ to help gather and comment on issues

Solibri has announced a new version of its Solibri Model Viewer (SMV) product called SMV Pro.

This new version, according to the company, is aimed at “individuals working in busy workflows who understand the need to share and collaborate with cloud-based issue management solutions.”

SMV Pro offers the ability to download and utilise the Solibri BCF Connector extension to share and update teams with found issues from Solibri Model Checker.

As part of the new version, users can be known by their ‘Reporting Identity’ or registered name in Solibri Solution Center. The current free version only lists their email name given at download.

“We consider the current Solibri Model Viewer to be one of the best free of charge viewers on the market. As part of the BCF industry taskforce, we have witnessed issue management to be a key customer priority. Introducing SMV Pro is one way to help address these issues. By paying a small monthly fee, customers will benefit from our enhanced viewer and can confidently contribute to the workflow.” States Pasi Paasiala, Solibri CTO.

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