Reality capture link for Autodesk Construction Cloud

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3D models captured through Amrax Metaroom on iPhone / iPad Pro now available through Autodesk Build Insights or BIM 360 Project Home dashboards

Amrax Metaroom, an iOS and cloud-based software solution that uses the LiDAR sensor on the Apple iPhone Pro and iPad Pro to capture real world spaces, has been integrated with Autodesk Construction Cloud.

With the new integration, project managers can visualise 3D models generated in Metaroom directly within Autodesk Build Insights or BIM 360 Project Home dashboards.

In terms of workflow, 3D scans are uploaded to the the cloud-based platform, Metaroom Studio, generating ‘true-to-scale 3D models within seconds’. Here the 3D models can be enriched with additional information, such as ‘significant areas’ and then accessed through Autodesk Construction Cloud.

“With this integration, we are setting new standards in the digitization and visualization of interior spaces,” said Martin Huber, CEO at Amrax.

“Our advanced features enable not just the creation of 3D models for individual rooms but also for entire floors and buildings. The integration provides a streamlined and efficient workflow, allowing professionals to scan spaces with a mobile device and quickly transition to working with the digital twin in Autodesk Construction Cloud.”

“3D scanning tools help project managers bridge issues or inconsistencies between the digital representation and reality of their jobsites,” said James Cook, director – industry and technology partnerships at Autodesk Construction Solutions.

“Embedding Metaroom’s 3D models within Autodesk Construction Cloud helps teams understand the real-life context of the Issues, RFIs, Submittals and more that they track in Autodesk Construction Cloud, helping them make better-informed decisions.”