NEWS: LumenRT 2015 delivers new immersive visualisation capabilities

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Interactive visualisation tool plugs into ArchiCAD and delivers enhanced support for MicroStation

LumenRT 2015, an immersive 3D communication tool for architecture and engineering, is now fully-integrated with Graphisoft ArchiCAD on both PC and Mac platforms. The software also features enhanced functionality for MicroStation with a focus on civil engineering and infrastructure.

With the ArchiCAD LumenRT Exporter, ArchiCAD users can transform their models into navigable scenes complete with wind-blown trees, moving vehicles, animated characters, wavy water, clouds, and atmospheres. The software can bring in geometry, layers, lighting, cameras, and BIM attributes.

LumenRT includes a variety of terrains, which can be customized by scultping the land and ‘painting’ with a choice of several material presets.

Any object in LumenRT can be animated using the animation path painter, which allows users to select an object and paint the desired animation path by clicking waypoints anywhere in the scene. A content library features a wide range of indoor and outdoor objects with fully animated characters, animals, and vehicles that now have moving wheels and lights.

Scenes can be shared, explored and navigated in a browser on any web-connected device (e.g. PC or tablet).

“We believe the combination of ArchiCAD and LumenRT delivers unparalleled environmental realism in a simple-to-use, real-time platform and is a must have for any ArchiCAD user seeking a more compelling and engaging way to convey their design vision,” said Nicholas Phelps, CEO of e-on software.


LumenRT, which is developed E-on software, also plugs into Bentley MicroStation, Autodesk Revit, E-on Software VUE, Esri CityEngine and Trimble SketchUp.

Integration with Bentley MicroStation was recently improved, with an expanded MicroStation content library with over 100 plants and trees, 125 vehicles, and 100 characters. In addition, LumenRT 2015 GeoDesign users can export MicroStation Traffic and VISSIM animations directly into LumenRT.

Once inside LumenRT, MicroStation users will enjoy many new features including interactive terrain editing and sculpting, object instance painting for adding hundreds of trees in a single brush stroke, and road design specific features that designate pavement markings as “always on top” to eliminate z-fighting artifacts.

“With LumenRT 2015, MicroStation users can generate stunning, real-time visualisations in just minutes and add large scale vehicle simulations directly from MicroStation or VISSIM,” said Phelps.

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