Arvizio launches Revit Model optimization tool for AR, MR & VR devices

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Software allow complex models to be visualized on HoloLens, Magic Leap, mobile AR devices and a variety of VR headsets

Arvizio has added a Revit model optimization tool to its MR Studio mixed reality software platform that allows large-scale, complex BIM models to be rendered on standalone AR, MR & VR headsets or mobile devices.

The optimization tools allow Revit, IFC and other complex 3D models to be simplified with a ‘user guided, automated workflow’ providing users the ability to inspect and customize the results of the optimisation process at each step.

Users are guided through the steps required to optimize models to achieve a desired level of detail (LoD) that fits the requirements of specific headsets. The tools recognize objects via their Revit metadata and automatically group those objects. A preferred level of optimization can then be applied to each group, and the results of the optimization can be inspected in real time in a graphical viewing panel, allowing trade-offs to be made interactively during the optimization process.

In addition, the new tools identify if the model has been suitably optimized for specific headset(s). This, according to the developers, allow complex 3D models with many millions of polygons to be successfully visualized on Microsoft HoloLens, Magic Leap, mobile augmented reality devices and a variety of VR headsets.

“Our customers often design and work with extremely complex 3D Revit models and are seeking to take advantage of new and emerging 3D XR visualisation technologies,” said Jonathan Reeves, Arvizio’s CEO. “To date, the optimisation of such models has been a difficult and time-consuming process. We are delighted to introduce a suite of optimisation tools that allow users to interactively control the process and ensure the optimised models will provide the desired experience for the target audience.”

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