NEWS: Major upgrade to Sefaira Architecture

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New release enhances team collaboration and provides more control over building performance analysis

Cloud-based performance analysis tool Sefaira Architecture now features ‘substantally enhanced’ building analysis functionality and facilitates real-time collaboration between architects and engineers.

Hugh McEvoy, Head of Product at Sefaira, said, “With this major new release, we achieved four objectives: to deliver a common project and analysis platform for architects and engineers to collaborate better in early-stage design; to add substantial new functionality, particularly for natural ventilation and thermal comfort; to enable more detailed control over the analysis at a per-zone and per-room level; and to complete the transition of our energy and sizing engine to the U.S. Department of Energy’s respected EnergyPlus™ simulation program.”

Sefaira Architecture’s improved thermal comfort and natural ventilation lets designers test key passive design strategies early in the design process

Sefaira Architecture now shares a technology platform with Sefaira Systems, which is used by mechanical engineers and energy modellers to assess options including HVAC designs and equipment sizing based on performance and energy use.

By allowing multiple stakeholders in building performance to collaborate on the same underlying model, Sefaira says its software now facilitates real-time, cross-disciplinary collaboration on shared projects

“Until now, everyone has been working in different sandboxes. Sefaira has opened the door to better collaboration by providing a tool that enables architects to work with engineers on early-stage performance modeling without needing to learn a complicated platform,” said Daniel Overbey, Director of Sustainability at Browning Day Mullins Dierdorf.


The new Sefaira Architecture also adds new functionality. It is said to better facilitate passive design, especially for residential buildings, schools and offices. The developers says it also makes it easier to understand the impact of design changes such as shading, window openings, window sizing, space layout and materials on occupant comfort and energy use. The software also has a new thermal comfort capabilities and reports, new natural ventilation capabilities including free area calculations, and many new downloadable charts. Detailed results can be downloaded for further analysis.

The new release of Sefaira Architecture is said to unlock room-level and zone-level analysis for all designers

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