Revit models now import directly into Arkio

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VR-centric collaborative spatial design tool offers bi-directional workflow with popular BIM authoring tool

Arkio, the VR-centric collaborative spatial design tool, has improved its interoperability with Revit, offering a bi-directional workflow with the popular BIM authoring tool.

With the Arkio Revit plug-in users can export a Revit model to Arkio. Once the Revit model is inside Arkio, users can add markups, sketch new design ideas or add geometry to create different design options.

To export the design back to Revit, Arkio shapes convert to Revit mass families or generic shapes. Built-in Arkio assets, sketches, imported buildings and models convert to customisable families. Program data even exports as object parameters that can be used in schedules.

Arkio is currently in beta. You can sign up here.

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