VT-Platform launches to bring BIM to AR / VR

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Extends the reach of BIM data from design office to construction site through to operations and maintenance

VT-Platform is a new web platform from VT-Lab designed to enable AECO teams to visualise and work with BIM models in augmented and virtual reality.

The software targets the entire AECO process, from design and construction through to operations and maintenance. The aim is to give everyone involved in the construction process access to ‘productivity solutions’, to bring BIM to site and enable site-to-office communications.

According to VT-Lab, VT-Platform allows site workers to resolve their work processes in a more fast and efficient way, and office workers to access to all the information generated in real time and in an automatic way. Users can interact with BIM models from any device: VR and AR headsets as well as smartphone, tablet, and web.

Features include BIM information access, measure, hide elements, transparency, place notes, paint, and view at real scale.

In AR, users can work on BIM models superimposed onto the real world, both on site and in the office. According to VT-Lab, the integration of BIM models in AR, allows firms to save time and costs by detecting errors more quickly, eliminating duplicate work and improving productivity.

VT-Platform is available as free trial.


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